How to Add Offline Contributions to Your Campaign

If you have received a check, cash or other type of contribution that was not processed by Indiegogo, it will not be reflected on your campaign. If you would like a contribution reflected on your Indiegogo campaign page, we recommend one of two options:

  1. (Recommended) Deposit the check or cash to your own account and then make a contribution to your Indiegogo campaign on behalf of your contributor, so that their name will show up on your campaign page. If your contributor would like to receive one of your campaign's perks, you will be able to enter their name, email and shipping address during the contribution process. For more information on this, see:  How to Contribute for a Friend
  2. Request that the contributor submit their payment through your Indiegogo campaign page instead.

As a campaign owner, can I contribute to my own campaign?

PayPal has a restriction in place that will not allow you to contribute via PayPal into your own PayPal account, but you will be able to contribute via direct credit card or use a different PayPal account to contribute into your own campaign.

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