What You Can & Can't Offer As Perks

Campaign Owners can offer Perks in exchange for a contribution. Perks can be objects, acknowledgements, a thank you, services, events, or anything that does not violate our Terms of Service. Below is a list of what you can and cannot offer as perks, per Indiegogo's Terms of Service:

What You Can't Offer As Perks

  • A monetary return on investment, share of a company, share of profits, or loan repayment.
  • Real estate property
  • Entry into a raffle or contest
  • Firearms or weapons
  • Prescription or illegal drugs
  • Pornography or sexually explicit materials
  • Tax Deductions, unless you are a nonprofit organization registered as 501(c)(3) in the United States.
If you have any questions about whether or not you can offer a certain Perk, you can ask our Customer Happiness team for advice.  Email support@indiegogo.com. Or, review our Terms of Service.

What You Can Offer as Perks

  • Advanced sales of goods or services
  • Discounts, coupons or gift certificates
  • Acknowledgement, thanks or recognition (e.g. Associate Producer credits)
  • Anything else that is not against our Terms of Service

 Please check out our Playbook for great perk ideas.

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