What You Can & Can't Offer As Perks

Campaign Owners can offer Perks in exchange for a contribution. Perks can be objects, acknowledgements, a thank you, services, events, or anything that does not violate our Terms of Service. Below is a list of what you can and cannot offer as perks, per Indiegogo's Terms of Service:

What You Can't Offer As Perks

  • A monetary return on investment, share of a company, share of profits, or loan repayment.
  • Firearms or weapons
  • Prescription or illegal drugs
  • Alcohol 
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Items promoting hate, personal injury, death, damage, or destruction to property;
  • Any item (a) prohibited by applicable law to possess or distribute, (b) that would cause you to violate applicable law if you were to distribute it, or (c) that would cause you to infringe or violate another person's rights if you were to distribute it."
If you have any questions about whether or not you can offer a certain Perk, you can ask our Customer Happiness team for advice.  Email support@indiegogo.com. Or, review our Terms of Service.

What You Can Offer as Perks

  • Advanced sales of goods or services
  • Discounts, coupons or gift certificates
  • Acknowledgement, thanks or recognition (e.g. Associate Producer credits)
  • Anything else that is not against our Terms of Service

 Please check out our Playbook for great perk ideas.

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