How to Change Your Campaign Link

If you want to make sure people see your campaign page, it's important to be proactive about sharing your campaign link with your friends, family, and fans. Your campaign link is the unique address of your campaign on Indiegogo, so make sure to choose something that's easy for people to remember.

There are two ways to customize your campaign link, or URL. The URL in your browser's address bar is determined by your campaign's Title. For example, if your campaign is titled "My Campaign Title", the URL you see in your address bar will If you change your title, the campaign URL displayed in your address bar will also change.

Because your campaign title may be long and might make your campaign link difficult to remember, we also provide a customizable short link to your campaign, e.g., which you can share with your audience in emails, on Twitter, on posters, or anywhere your heart desire's. Anyone can type your customizable short link or the URL in your address bar into their browser to get directly to your campaign page.

To customize your campaign's short link:

  • Click Edit in the right corner of your Campaign Homepage
  • Click Set Up Your Campaign
  • In the field next to "Share Link", enter your preferred short link. If you want your Share Link to be, you'll need to write "short-link" in the field provided. If your preferred Share Link is already taken, we’ll let you know.

The URL in your address bar or your Share Link will be the same whether you're in draft mode or already live. Once your campaign is live, the Share Link will be visible in your campaign's Share Box, for anyone who's passionate about your campaign to help promote and share with their friends.

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