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Campaigns run by a team raise 70% more money than campaigns that run solo. Team members help you manage your campaign and reach more people. When you add a team member, they will receive an invitation to join your campaign. They will not be able to access your Dashboard or edit your campaign unless you make than an Admin. Below are instructions on how to add team members to your campaign and adjust admin settings.

How to Add Team Members to a New Campaign

You can add team members during your campaign set up. As you are creating your campaign, you will see a tab that says, "3. Enhance Your Campaign". The first section on this tab is Campaign Team. You should see your account listed as the Owner along with a space for you to define your role on the project. Your role is generally your title, e.g. Director or Founder.

Directly below your role, you will see a place for you to add a teammate:

  • Enter the email address of the teammate you'd like to add
  • If you would like to make them an administrator, check the box that says Admin. As an Admin, they can edit the campaign and view the Dashboard.
  • Click Send Invite. An email will be sent to them inviting them to the team. If they do not have an Indiegogo account yet, they will be asked to create an account before joining the team. 
  • Click Save to save your new teammates

You can remove a team member at any time by clicking Remove next to their name.  

After the teammate has accepted your invitation, you will be able to add their role.

How to Add Team Members to an Existing Campaign

  • Log in to your Indiegogo account and go to your campaign page
  • Click Manage Campaign and Edit
  • Click where it says, "3. Enhance Your Campaign"
  • Enter the email addresses of the team members that you would like to add
  • Click the box to make them an Admin if you would like them to be able to edit your campaign and see the Dashboard
  • Click Submit to send an email invitation to your team member
  • Click Save to save that information

Once the team member has accepted your invite, you will be able to edit their role.

If your team member is having trouble accepting the invitation, they may need to sign in to Indiegogo before clicking on the link to accept.

How to Add Team Member Photos/Bios

Team members for your campaign will be listed on your campaign page at the bottom of your campaign, with their name, photo, and role. To appear on a campaign page with a photo, the team member will need to add a photo to their own individual account.

Your team members will also be in charge of filling in the "About Me" section of their own profiles. However, as a campaign administrator, you can have control over what role will show up next to their name at the bottom of your campaign page. Adding a little extra information in the "Role" field can serve as a short bio that will display directly on your campaign page. You can see an example of how this looks on the film campaign, "Shelter in Place".



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