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Indiegogo has partnered with Fractured Atlas to provide a single platform to integrate fiscal sponsorship and online funding campaigns

About Fractured Atlas

Fractured Atlas and Indiegogo have partnered to provide a single platform to integrate fiscal sponsorship and crowdfunding. Fractured Atlas is a non-profit organization that serves a national community of artists and art organizations, helping them function more effectively as businesses. All projects fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas can raise money on Indiegogo at no cost, and offer tax deductions on the funds raised.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship is a financial and legal system by which a legally recognized 501(c)(3) public charity (such as Fractured Atlas) provides limited financial and legal oversight for a campaign initiated independently by an artist. That campaign might be a one-time project or an independent artist or even an arts organization that does not have its own 501(c)(3) status. Once sponsored in this way, the campaign is eligible to solicit and receive grants and tax-deductible contributions that are normally available only to 501(c)(3) organizations.

Benefits of Joining Fractured Atlas on Indiegogo

Joining an Indiegogo partner is a great way to link your campaign to a larger organization while remaining a part of the thriving Indiegogo marketplace. Millions of dollars have been raised through Indiegogo Partner Pages. Additionally, joining Fractured Atlas makes it easy to offer tax deductions on contributions.

How to Apply to Fractured Atlas

I'm a Fractured Atlas member. Now what?

If you have a Fractured Atlas fiscal sponsorship account, you can create a campaign on Indiegogo through the Fractured Atlas website.

  • Login to Fractured Atlas:  Fractured Atlas website
  • Click "My Fiscal Sponsorship"
  • Click "Accessorize!"
  • Click "Indiegogo" (click it again)
  • Click "Create a new campaign on Indiegogo"
  • Wait for an email from Indiegogo containing next steps

How do I connect my existing campaign to Fractured Atlas?

If you want to connect an existing Indiegogo campaign to Fractured Atlas, contact Fractured Atlas Support at for instructions.

You will only be able to have one active campaign connected to your Fractured Atlas account at any time. If you'd like to connect a second campaign to your Fractured Atlas account, please wait until your first campaign has ended.

Can I accept funds through PayPal?

No - Fractured Atlas campaigns can only accept credit card contributions.

Are Contributions Tax Deductible When I’m on Fractured Atlas?

Yes, if your campaign is connected to Fractured Atlas you are eligible to solicit and receive grants and tax-deductible contributions.

How Payments Work

  • You can only accept credit card contributions.
  • Fractured Atlas campaigns are Flexible Funding Campaigns
  • Your funds will go directly to Fractured Atlas
  • Fractured Atlas will manage the disbursement of your funds.
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