What is an Indiegogo Partner Page?

Why Create a Partner Page?

Indiegogo is the world’s largest global crowdfunding platform empowering people to fund what matters to them. We’re seeking to partner with innovative organizations whose audiences are engaged, passionate and ready to act.  The Indiegogo Partner Page enables organizations to spotlight the exciting and creative activities happening within their membership to the world through a branded page hosted on Indiegogo.com.

While we can begin the process of setting up a page for you instantly, before the page can be listed on our site and be eligible for newsletter, blog, and other Indiegogo marketing exposure, your organization will need to have 3 campaigns on Indiegogo that have raised $15,000 or more in the aggregate. 

Partner pages can launch with a dedicated live URL in a matter of hours.  Then it's up to your organization and associated campaign owners to spread the word to meet the 3 at 15K threshold and take in the full benefits of partnership with Indiegogo.   

Why Create a Partner Page?

Organizations such as Startup America, Google, Fractured Atlas, Kiva, Junto Box Films, UCSF and Whole Kids Foundation leverage Partner Pages for:

  • Brand promotion
    • Showcase your sponsored campaigns on the world’s leading crowdfunding platform (Partner Galley)
    • Enhance brand affinity with your sponsored campaigns and their audiences through strategic brand placement on their Indiegogo campaign pages (SUA Campaign)
  • Community Enrichment
  • Member Benefits
    • Introduce your members to the world’s most trusted partner in crowdfunding
    • Provide access to interactive suite of educational tools and support resources
    • *Maintain brand control for high-profile campaigners through Embedded Indiegogo Campaigns (Darkwoods)
  • Insights/Tools
    • Leverage payment processing tools to streamline fiscal sponsorship and non-profit donations (Fractured Atlas, Non-profits)
    • Discover key insights across sponsored campaigns through the Partner Reporting Dashboard

Please visit our Partnering With Indiegogo page to learn more.



How do I get started?

To learn more about launching your own Partner Page,please contact us via the Partner Inquiry Form.

How long does it take to get set up?

Upon receiving your Partner Inquiry Form, an Indiegogo representative will follow-up with next steps.  Partner Pages can be created and launched within one week.

Am I a good candidate for the Partner Page?
The Partner Page is ideally suited for organizations whose members/audience will benefit from starting crowdfunding campaigns. Campaigners use Indiegogo to raise money, gain visibility, connect with their audience, and test the marketplace.

Do I need to have in-house development resources to implement the Partner Page?
No, Partner Pages are set-up and hosted by Indiegogo.

How much does the Partner Page cost?
There are no additional fees to create and use an Indiegogo Partner Page.

How can I get listed in the Indiegogo Partner Gallery?
Once launched, all Partner Pages are live and can be shared internally and externally with the public.  Display on the Indiegogo Partner Gallery is limited to Partners who have accumulated a minimum of 3 campaigns that have amassed a total of $15K in contributions between them. This minimum threshold enables you to gather momentum prior to publishing your page to the general public on Indiegogo.com.

What organizations have Partner Page?
More than 100 organizations have Partner Pages on Indiegogo. Current Partners include the American Film Institute (AFI), Fractured Atlas, Startup America, Google, Whole Kids Foundation (non-profit arm of Whole Foods), the Architecture for Humanity, Stanford, The American Red Cross, and many more.

How does the flow of money work?
There are 3 options for managing payments:

  1. Standard Payment Management
    • Each campaign is a separate funding entity. The campaign owner raises money and receives disbursement payments from Indieogogo.
  2. Partner Managed Payments (Fiscal Sponsors)
    • The money raised through each campaign can go directly through to the Partners PayPal account. The Partner is then responsible for disbursing funds to the campaign owners (most often used with Fiscal Sponsor Partners). 
    • Non-profit payment management
    • Campaigners who are raising money for a 501(c)(3) can choose to raise money directly for a non-profit organization  The money raised through each campaign can go directly to the Partners non-profit account. This will only apply if the NPO has a PayPal account. Otherwise the for-profit partner model is applied.

Where can I access Partner Page demos?
Checkout the attached screenshot or visit our existing Partner Gallery or Startup America Partner Page for details. 

Additional Questions?
For additional information regarding our Partnership opportunities, please contact us at bd@indiegogo.com or submit our Partner Inquiry Form.

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