How to Evaluate a Campaign

Contributing to an Indiegogo campaign is not the same thing as making a purchase in a store.

Your funding is supporting an idea, not buying an existing product, and like anyone getting in on an early-stage project, you accept the risk that the project might not come to fruition. We leave it up to you to make your own judgment about a campaign’s merits before making a contribution.

Here's how you can evaluate a campaign before making your contribution:

The More Information, The Better.

Indiegogo’s democratic nature makes it easy to judge a campaign's likelihood of success. In order for a campaign to succeed, its team should have a thoughtful pitch that makes it clear how they will use the funds they raise to move their project forward. Campaigns that aren’t transparent with their story, goals, and project status tend not to attract contributors.

Before you contribute to any campaign, assess its story. Ask yourself a few questions:

Who Are The People Behind The Campaign?

The campaign owner and any team members will be listed at the bottom of the campaign page under "Created By" or "Team."

  • Who are they?
  • Why are they raising money?
  • What is their background and experience?
  • Why are they passionate?
  • Are photos of the team members included?
  • Does the campaigner appear in the campaign’s video?
  • Are external links included (websites, news/media coverage, etc.)?

If their background and motivation for the project are not clear in the pitch, you can always do a web search to learn more about their professional experience and how it may relate to the project.

What Is The Campaign Raising Money For?

The campaign’s pitch should be clear, transparent, and reflect the team’s passion and hard work.

  • Is the pitch transparent and personal?
  • How about the perk info? Any images of the perks? Descriptions?
  • Does the pitch text provide any perk fulfillment information?
  • When would you get your perk?

Has The Campaign Already Raised Funds?

Successful projects usually secure a strong funding base from close family and friends who know the campaign owners personally.

Has The Campaigner Added Any Content To Their Updates Tabs?

The “Updates” tab is used by campaign owners to keep their contributors informed on the progress of their project.

Where Else Can You Find Information About The Project?

Check the bottom of the campaign page under the “Also Find This Campaign On” heading for any listed external sites where you can find more information on the project.

Contact The Campaign Owner.

If you have any questions about a project or its perks, we encourage you to reach out to the campaign owner before making your contribution! You can leave a private comment under the "Comments" tab of the campaign page.

What We Do.

Indiegogo has a comprehensive system in place to protect contributors from potentially fraudulent campaigns.Learn more

If you see a campaign that you believe to be in violation of our Terms of Use, you can inform us immediately by flagging the campaign. Simply click on the "Let us know" link on the right hand side of every campaign page, or send us a note at


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