How to Know if Your Contribution is Successful

If your contribution is successful, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided during the contribution process.
Please note that your credit card or PayPal account will be charged the contribution amount immediately if your transaction was successful, not at the end of the campaign. If you paid via PayPal, you will receive another confirmation email from PayPal, in additional to the confirmation email you'll receive from Indiegogo.

Any successful contributions will also be recorded on your individual Indiegogo account. If you did not have an Indiegogo account when you made your contribution, an Indiegogo account was created for you after you submitted your email address during the contribution process. If you do not remember your password, or if you did not have a password set for you when you contributed to the campaign, click here to have a new temporary password sent to you: Be sure to use the email address that you used when you first contributed. [Related Forum Article: Reset Password]

To locate and keep track of your contributions:

  • Log in

  • Click on "Hi [your name]", to the left of the search bar

  • Click "My Contributions" in the drop-down menu

  • Click the "Contributions" tab

All your contributions will be listed on your Contributions tab. If you do not see your contribution listed here, then your contribution attempt may have been unsuccessful. To find out what to do if your contribution is unsuccessful, please see: Common Contribution Errors

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