How Does Indiegogo Deal With Fraudulent Campaigns?

Indiegogo has a comprehensive fraud-prevention system to protect our users. Campaigns and contributions that have been flagged by our fraud detection system go through a thorough review. If we find fraudulent contributions on your campaign, we may remove them from your campaign Funds and Fulfillment pages. We may also ask you for more information, if we determine your campaign to be a high fraud risk. In a final step, we perform an examination before funds are disbursed.

Indiegogo requires campaign owners to fufill their Perks as a part of our Terms of Service. Perks are manged solely by campaign owners; we do not guarantee or take any legal responsibility for Perk fulfillment. Contributors can use our Terms of Service as a document in the court of law, should you choose to take legal action against a campaign owner for failing to fulfill a Perk.  

In general, contributors are advised that they are contributing to an idea, not making a purchase in a store. Like anyone contributing to an early-stage project, you accept the risk that the project might not come to fruition. We leave it up to you to make your own judgment about the merit of a campaign before making a contribution. Fortunately, the democratic nature of crowd funding makes it easy to judge a campaign's likelihood of success. In order for any campaign to be successful, campaign owners have to put thought and effort into their Pitch and convince a crowd of people to support their cause. Campaigns that are not transparent with their goals and project status tend not to attract contributors.

How you can report a fraudulent campaign:

If you see a campaign that you believe to be fraudulent, you can inform us immediately by flagging the campaign as prohibited content. Simply click on the "prohibited content" link located beneath every campaign's Perks, or send us a note at


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