Track Your Campaign Progress with Analytics

About Analytics

Every campaign is equipped with Analytics to help you track your views, referrals and contributions. You can also see which fans, friends and contributors are helping you spread the word and driving contributions.

From the Analytics tab on your Campaign Dashboard, you will see a summary of page views, contributors, contributions, favorites and referrals. You can also see Campaigner Stats, which shows you funds and visitors sent by fans who have shared your campaign with others. This is powerful data in case you'd like to know which bloggers, organizations or individuals are the most valuable to your fundraising effort.

How to Find Your Campaign Analytics

  • Login
  • Go to your campaign page
  • Click "Manage Campaign" in the upper right corner of your campaign page
  • Select "Dashboard" from the drop-down menu
You can read more about Analytics, Insights and how to add Google Analytics in our Help Center article.

What are Referrals?

Referrals are the number of people who found your campaign page through a shared link. If you or one of your fans clicks on one of the share tools (let's say the Twitter button in this case), then you will be directed to Twitter with a pre-populated message that includes a link to your campaign page. The link will also include a special ID that ties the tweet to you. Then, when someone clicks on the link in your tweet, we capture that as a referral. If that person in turn ends up making a contribution, you can see that too. Your Analytics can help monitor the impact of your outreach and show you your most valuable fans. 

How are ViewsTracked?

A 'view' is recorded every time your campaign page is loaded. The total views to your campaign page is updated once per day, and includes views by the same visitor.

I have a lot of views, but not many contributions. What's wrong?

If you are seeing high view metrics, but low contribution conversions, don't worry. This is quite normal for earlier stages of a campaign. We find that contributors will often look at a campaign several times, often coming through different channels (email, Twitter, Facebook, etc), before they finally decide to donate. Don't be afraid to send people a reminder to contribute!

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