How to Add a Widget to your Wordpress Blog

If you have a Wordpress blog, you can add an Indiegogo widget to your site once your campaign is live.

How to Add a Widget to your Wordpress Blog

First, make sure your Wordpress Blog has the Wordpress iframe plug-in installed:

  • Sign into your Wordpress blog.
  • Go to to install the iframe plug-in

Second, generate the code to embed your campaign widget:

  • Go back to your Indiegogo campaign page
  • Make sure you're logged in your Indiegogo account
  • Click on the "embed" button underneath your main pitch video or image. The Embed button is only available after your campaign has launched.
  • Copy the link you just generated, it should look like this <iframe src="" width="222px" height="445px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Third, insert code in your Wordpress blog:

  • Next, sign back into your Wordpress blog.
  • Go to your blog dashboard.
  • Click on the page, where you'd like to add the campaign widget
  • Paste the link that you have generated on Indiegogo




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