How to Add a Widget to your Wordpress Blog

If you have a Wordpress blog, you can add an Indiegogo widget to your site once your campaign is live.

How to Add a Widget to your Wordpress Blog

  • Click on the "embed" button in the Share box. The Share box is located underneath your main pitch video or image and will only be available after your campaign has launched.
  • Under the second label "For Email", click Step #1 to open the widget's image in NEW window. Copy the URL for this image/page. The Image URL should look something like:
  • Next, sign into your Wordpress blog. Go to your blog dashboard.
  • Click on the "widgets" button underneath the appearance section on the left-hand side of your dashboard
  • Under the "Primary Widget Area" module, select and open "image"
  • Paste the image/page URL in the field that says "Image URL"
  • Copy and paste the hyperlink URL that we provide you in Step #3 in the field that says "Link URL". The Link URL should look something like:
  • Click "save"

 From your Wordpress Blog:



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