How to Run a Referral Contest

Every campaign includes a "Campaign Insights" tab on its Campaign Dashboard. Click on this tab and scroll don to the "Referrers" section to get an overview of all money and visitors sent by fans who have shared your campaign with others. This is powerful data in case you'd like to know which bloggers, organizations or individuals are the most valuable to your fundraising. You can run a contest on your campaign to give a prize to any fan that refers the most amount of funders to your campaign, or that helps to raise the most amount of contributions.


How it Works

The way the technology works is that if you or someone (say Fan A) clicks on one of the Share Tools on your campaign page (let's say the Twitter button in this case), then Fan A will be directed to Twitter with a pre-populated message that includes a link to your campaign page, i.e. "Help make it happen for [Campaign Title] on @indiegogo". As long as Fan A is logged into an Indiegogo account when they use any of the Share Tools, the link will also include a special ID (22222) that ties the tweet to Fan A. Then when someone (say Person B) who is reading Fan A's tweets clicks on the link in Fan A's tweet about your campaign, a few things will happen:

  1. Person B is taken to your campaign page and a "View" is registered on your Analytics tab in the Summary section
  2. A "Referral" is registered on your Analytics tab in the Summary section
  3. The "Referral" is attributed to Fan A on your Analytics tab in the Campaign Stats section

If Person B ends up contributing to the campaign, then Fan A will be recognized as helping you bring in the amount that Person B contributed in the Campaigner Stats section.

At the end of your campaign, you'll be able to see which fan has gathered the most funds through their efforts.

Important Note: Fan A can only be tracked as a "Campaigner" in the Campaign Stats section if Fan A is logged into an Indiegogo account when they use any of the Share Tools on your campaign. Fan A can also copy and paste the campaign URL displaying in their browser's address bar, as long as they are copying the URL that displays when they are logged into their Indiegogo account.

Any user that does not have an Indiegogo account can still have their referrals tracked on your campaign's Referrals tab once they've contributed to your campaign. Your contributors will be presented with a special URL immediately after contributing (on the completed contribution landing page, under "Spread the word!") that they can copy and share with their network.


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