Where do I Find Contributor Contact Information?

All of the information that you need to send your Perks is located on the Fulfillment tab on your Dashboard. The Fulfillment tab includes:

  • Names and email addresses of your contributors
  • Shipping information
  • Perk selected
  • Contribution amount
  • Contributor visibility setting

All of this information can be exported as a CSV file.

Where to Find Fulfillment Information:

  • Login to Indiegogo and go to your Campaign Home page
  • Click on Manage Campaign
  • Click Dashboard
  • Click on the third tab, Fulfillment

The Fulfillment tab will keep a record of all contributions and claimed Perks, even Perks that you have removed from your campaign. Once a Perk is claimed, you are obligated by our Terms of Service to fulfill it.

On the Fulfillment page, you will also see each contributors' visibility settings. Contributors can decide how they would like their name and contribution amount to appear. You can edit their visibility settings on the Fulfillment page.


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