The Gogofactor

Indiegogo measures the activity of a campaign using an algorithm we call gogofactor. Search rankings, placement on the site, featured spots in our newsletter or blog, and inclusion in our press outreach are all determined by gogofactor. Indiegogo is a merit-based platform, which means that campaigns earn featured spots by staying active. We don't curate campaigns, nor do we offer paid placement. Your visibility on the site is controlled entirely by you and your community.

What is included in gogofactor?

Your gogofactor is a combination of many factors that measure the overall activity of your campaign along with the completeness of your pitch and media.

Your gogofactor is a rolling average, so it's important to continually keep your campaign active. Your campaign is ranked relative to all of the other campaigns on the site. By staying active, your gogofactor will continue to go up. If you have been working hard at your campaign and you still don't see yourself on our homepage or category pages, don't worry! Sometimes it just takes time to build a high gogofactor.

We use gogofactor as our key measure because we find that there is a direct correlation between campaign activity and fundraising success. The more active you keep your campaign, the more likely you are to meet your goal.

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