How much does Indiegogo cost? Fees & Pricing

It's free to create a campaign! If you raise funds, the following fees will be applied: 5% Indiegogo platform fee and payment processor fees (3-5% per processor). Campaigns with bank accounts outside the US will also have a $25 bank transfer fee.

  • Indiegogo's platform fee on all funds raised is 5%. 
    • It is free to sign up and create a campaign and fees are deducted from the funds you actually raise (not the goal you set). 
  • In addition PayPal and Stripe (credit card processor) charge a processing fee, based on several factors, including the funding type and currency you choose, and the country in which your bank is located. 
  • Flexible funding campaigns can accept contributions through PayPal, credit card, or both. Fixed Funding campaigns can accept payments via PayPal and/or credit card depending on the currency of the campaign.
  • Fixed funding campaigns raising funds in USD can raise funds via PayPal and/or direct credit card. Fixed Funding campaigns raising funds in any other currency (AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP) can raise funds via PayPal only.

For funds raised through PayPal:

*PayPal fees are determined by PayPal.
*PayPal fees are charged per contribution.

For funds raised through credit card:

*Credit Card fees are charged by payments processor Stripe.
*Credit Card fees are charged per contribution.

For USD funds raised and your bank located outside the US:

If you raise funds in US Dollars through direct credit card contributions and your bank account is located outside the US, a one-time wire fee is charged by the bank.

*Credit Card fees are charged per contribution by payments processor Stripe during the run of your campaign.
*The wire fee is charged only once* by the sending bank when we send all your funds in one lump sum to your bank account after the end of your campaign.

*Please note that if your campaign enters InDemand, the $25 wire fee is assessed per disbursement. This means that each time a disbursement is sent to your non-US bank account when in InDemand, a $25 wire fee applies.

If you raise money in EUR or AUD, you will only be able to accept contributions through PayPal. Learn more.

Please note that if you're raising funds in CAD or GBP, funds can only be disbursed to a Canadian or UK bank account. Learn more.

If you are looking to raise funds for a 501(c)3 nonprofit, you can find out more about how payments and disbursements will work for your campaign, here

For more details about fees, click here.

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