Will I get my Perk?

Where is My Perk?

Receiving your perk(s) often takes time! Selecting a perk as a part of your contribution is not the same thing as buying something online. Perks may require much more than just money to develop, manufacture and distribute.

That said, campaign owners are obligated by our Terms of Use to fulfill their perks. Perks are offers made and managed solely by campaign owners.

Indiegogo's InDemand feature gives campaigners the ability to continue raising money after their campaign deadline. Campaigns participating in InDemand are held to the same Terms of Use, which means they are obligated to fulfill all perks and use funds as stated in their campaign.

If you want to inquire about the status of a perk, please contact the campaign owner directly.

Check the Updates tab

Campaign owners are encouraged to update their contributors on the status of their perk deliveries by sending out campaign updates. If you had chosen to opt out of receiving campaign updates during the contribution process or have since unsubscribed from campaign updates, these updates are still posted on the campaign page, under the Updates tab. We recommend checking to see if the campaign owner has posted any information about perk shipping schedules.

Contact the Campaign Owner

Since campaign owners manage perks, please contact the campaign owner directly to find out the status of your perk.

If you have an Indiegogo account and have contributed to the campaign, you can post a comment to the campaign page, or you can send a direct message to the campaign owner:

To post a comment:

  • Go to the Campaign Home page
  • Click on the Comments tab, type in your comment and click Add a Comment
  • If you would like to keep the comment private so that only the campaign owner can see it, click the box that says, “keep private” before adding a comment.

You will only be able to send a comment to the campaign owner if you have contributed to their campaign or are on the same campaign team.

To send a direct message:

  • Log into your Indiegogo account
  • Go to the Campaign page, and click on the "Contact" link underneath the pitch video / image
  • Type your message in the field, and click 'Send Message'
Please note: If you have an Indiegogo account, but are not a contributor or member of the campaign team, you will not be able to post a comment on the campaign page or send a direct message.
If you do not have an Indiegogo account, you will not be able to comment on campaigns or direct message campaign owners on our platform.

What if I Don't Receive My Perk?

Campaign owners are required by our Terms of Use to fulfill their perks. If a campaign owner does not fulfill a perk and has been unresponsive, please notify Indiegogo.We will get in touch with the campaign owner to reiterate to them their obligations as a campaign owner.

You can also use our Terms of Use in a U.S. court of law, should you choose to take any legal action against the campaign team.

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