How to Upgrade Your Perk

Indiegogo has made it easier than ever to upgrade your perk. If you’d like to upgrade your perk to a higher-priced perk, you can now do so on the contributions tab of your Indiegogo profile.

For example, if you originally claimed a $25 perk but now you want to upgrade to a $40 perk, you can click "Upgrade to Higher Priced Perk” next to your $25 perk.

This will direct you back to contribution flow of the campaign you contributed to.You can then select the new higher-priced perk you’d like to claim.

When you complete the transaction, your original contribution will be automatically refunded.

Here's how it works step-by-step:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your email address (click on "Forgot Password?" if you need to create a password)
  • Select "My Contributions" from the drop down menu next to your name (upper right corner of Indiegogo page)
  • Next to any contributions that are eligible for upgrade, you will see the text, "Upgrade to Higher Priced Perk”

  • Click on that link
  • This will direct you back to the perks page for the campaign you supported
  • Select the new higher-priced perk you’d like to claim
  • Your original contribution will be immediately refunded (You will see the refund on your credit card statement within 5 business days.)

Please note:

  • Selecting a perk of equal or lower-value to your original contribution will result in an additional contribution.
  • If you paid separately for shipping, either by claiming a shipping perk or making a separate contribution, this transaction will not be affected by upgrading your perk. Please contact the campaign owner if you have questions about the shipping cost for your perk.
  • Fractured Atlas, FirstGiving, and fiscally-sponsored campaigns are not supported by this feature.
  • Only perk-based contributions can be upgraded.
  • Perks can only be upgraded if the funds have not been disbursed to the campaign owner. In the event the funds have been disbursed, the 'Upgrade to a Higher Priced Perk' feature will not be available. In this case, we recommend you reach out to to the campaign owner to see if they are offering an alternative upgrade option.

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