Refunds: Can I get my money back?

Backers can request a refund while the campaign is in progress. For campaigns in InDemand, backers can request a refund from Indiegogo within 10 days of the transaction.

Please see the list below for cases where a pledge is not eligible for a refund on Indiegogo.

When are contributions not eligible for a refund?

Contributions cannot be refunded by Indiegogo, if any of the following are true:

  • The contribution funds have already been transferred to the campaign owner
  • The campaign has ended
  • The perk associated with the contribution has been fulfilled
  • Indiegogo determines that there has been an abuse of our Terms of Use, or the refund policy.

I’m eligible for a refund. How do I request one?

You can initiate a refund directly from your confirmation email or Indiegogo account. To request a refund, please follow these steps. Refunds will be issued based on the payment method used to make the contribution, and may take up to 5 business days to appear on your statement. If you contributed to a fixed funding campaign that did not met its goal, your refund will be sent automatically within 5-7 business days of the campaign's deadline.

I’m not eligible for a refund but I want one. What do I do?

For campaigns that have ended or where the funds have already been sent to the campaign owner, backers should contact the campaign owner directly regarding refunds.

  • Please note: In cases where the funds have been disbursed to the campaigner and are therefore ineligible for a refund via Indiegogo, the campaigner and backer will have to work out the method for refunds, off platform.
  • The campaigner will be unable to issue refunds electronically via Indiegogo back to the original credit card/PayPal account used. Instead, you'll need to work with the campaigner to determine the method of receiving refunds, off of Indiegogo, that works best for you both. 

What happens if I canceled the credit card I used to make my original contribution? How will I get my refund?

Your refunded contribution will still get sent back to your original credit card's issuing bank without issue. The issuing bank will determine how to get the funds to you:

  • If there is a balance owed on the card, it offsets the balance.
  • If you opened up a different card, the issuer usually transfers the credit to the new account.
  • Sometimes the issuer will cut a check to the customer.
  • Regardless of which way the issuing bank handles this, the card issuer will handle reimbursing the backer. We recommend reaching out to your issuing bank if you have any questions about how you will be receiving a refund sent to your canceled credit card.

I haven’t received my refund, what should I do?

If you contributed to a fixed funding campaign that did not meet its goal and you did not receive your refund within the 5-7 business day timeframe please contact Indiegogo support at It's possible that your bank has a policy preventing the refund or that we're unable to refund to the card you used, such as a STAR card.

If you requested a refund through your account and did not receive it within 5 business days, please contact us at

I’m a campaign owner. Can I refund backers when they ask?

Please see here for instructions on how to refund individual backers to your campaign while it is in progress. Please note, we are unable to cancel your campaign or issue mass refunds for any campaign that has raised funds. All campaigns that have raised funds must be kept live in order to preserve your campaign information and backer details.

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