How do I share a campaign with others?

Indiegogo provides each campaign with a set of Share Tools to help you spread the word about. The Share Tools can be used by the Campaign Owner as well as Contributors and they are located in the toolbar next to the campaign's Pitch image or video.

The Share box will appear only after a campaign is live, not while a campaign is still in Draft mode.

How To Use Share Tools

  • Copy the campaign URL and paste it into an email or social media update
  • Click on the Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter icons to share through your social media networks
  • Add a widget to your blog or personal website. Click Embed and then copy and paste the widget code. 
  • Send a direct email from Indiegogo

If you use any of the tools in the Share box while you are logged in, Indiegogo can keep track of all the people who visit the campaign through the shared link. 


For More Ideas on how to share your campaign:

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