Following Up and Sending Perks

Am I Required to Fulfill My Perks if I don't Meet My Goal?

Flexible Funding campaign:

  • If you receive money from Backers- YES, you must fulfill the Perks claimed by Backers.

Fixed Funding campaign:

  • If you DID meet your goal by your deadline, and therefore received funds from Backers- YES, you must fulfillPerks claimed by Backers.
  • If you DID NOT meet your goal by your deadline (and as such did NOT receive money from Backers) - NO, you don't have to fulfill Perks.

Where Can I Find Shipping Addresses?

Indiegogo collects all of your contributors' contact information on the Fulfillment tab of your campaign Dashboard. To get to the Fulfillment Tab:

  • Go to your Campaign Homepage
  • Click View Dashboard
  • Click on the third tab, Contributions
You can download all contribution information as a CSV.  
Please note, shipping names and addresses are not collected for every contribution. This information is only collected for those perks claimed where the campaign owner required a Shipping Address, when they created a perk. If you want to gather shipping information for your perk, be sure to choose "Yes" under "Shipping Address Required?" when you create your perks!
Tip: Use your CSV file to set up a "Mail Merge" to quickly send emails to all of your contributors. You can set up different email templates for each Perk level. This is a good way for campaigns with a large number of contributors to quickly deliver perks or thank-you notes.

If you need specific information from each contributor about Perk fulfillment (e.g. t-shirt size), we recommend getting in contact with them directly. For information on how to find your contributors' information, please visit our article

Tips for Fulfilling Perks

  1. Keep your contributors updated on the status of their Perks, even after your campaign is over. If you post an update on the campaign page, it will be sent as an email to your contributors.
  2. Don't wait until the end of your campaign to fulfill Perks. Start as soon as you can!
  3. If your Perk fulfillment is behind schedule, let your contributors know. You don't want to keep them in the dark.
  4. Use the "Order States" on the contributions tab, to keep your perks and fulfillment organized. To keep track of the various stages for each contribution, you can easily move contributions from "Unfulfilled Orders" to "Preparing for Fulfillment" or "Fulfilled Orders" based on a contribution's current Fulfillment status.
  5. Also see: 4 Ways to Make Crowdfunding Fulfillment Easy

How to Check on the Status of Your Perk (for Contributors)

For information on how to check on the status of your Perks, please visit our article:  How to Check on Your Perks

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